On April 8, 2024, around 9 pm we're going to welcome our Dutch friends from the CSV van de Perre school from Middelburg on the Poznań Main Station. We're going to have workshops, explore Swarzędz, Gdańsk and Poznań together, so communicate interculturally.
We've been working together on this project since the beginning of the school year. In October, we visited Middelburg, and now we are hosting the Dutch in our homes. For our guests to better understand Poland, we have all prepared for this visit. The students have prepared folders about the places we're going to visit. We welcome you to follow the daily reports from our activities.

Plakat 1.jpg

Tuesday was the first full day of the exchange with the Netherlands. At 10 a.m. we started lessons at school. We had an interesting biology lesson about communication between animals, we also did our own presentation on this topic, and then we had an english lesson about communication between different cultures. We spoke about some gestures or types of greetings that are similar among different nations. After school we went by bus to Poznań. Firstly we had some freetime to eat dinner, and then we went to Muzeum Rogala - Crossaint's Museum. We learnt what do you need to bake a typical Poznań crossaint - rogal świętomarciński - and how to do it. This demonstration was very funny and interesting! Partially we could also prepare it ourselves. After that we went on a tour with our history teachers, who became our guides. We went to the cathedral, but we didn't spend much time there, however we saw some monuments and architecture from Poznań Old City. We walked a lot, but Dutch students could learn something about Poznań. If they did - we are not sure. We ended our sightseeing near the Liberty Square.

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On Wednesday we went on a trip to Gdańsk with our Dutch friends. The journey took a long time, so when we arrived, we wanted to see some Polish attractions. Firstly, we had some free time to eat dinner. Then we went to the European Solidarity Centre in the Gdańsk Shipyard. This place is known for having a big role in the end of communism in Poland. What's more, we went sightseeing of some Gdańsk historical buildings - Great Armory, Tenement House of the Lion Castle and Highland gate. We had some free time to walk in the city in smaller groups. After this tiring day we went back to Poznań by train.