Finally, after almost a 3-year break, the students of CSW Van de Perre and EKOS were able to meet again. On Sunday, 29th of May students from Poland arrived in Middleburg, Holland. We were warmly welcomed by the Dutch students at Eindhoven airport and together we embarked on a wonderful adventure.



Day 1:
We spent our Monday morning at school where the Dutch students conducted presentations about the itinerary and program of the exchange. Then, after lunch, we biked to the beach by Dishoek for some sports activities: volleyball, Kubb game and a traditional Dutch sport - Tug of war and Ring riding.


Day 2:
Tuesday was full of activities as well. In the morning the students were divided into two groups and had an escape room competition at school. After that we had lunch at ‘T Smoske and went bowling. In the evening some of the students had a movie night or a garden party.

Day 3:

On Wednesday we took a train to Rotterdam to climb the Euromast, an observation tower, and to experience “Remastered”, an audiovisual museum devoted to famous Dutch painters. Because we wanted to travel during off peak hours, we had dinner in Rotterdam. Rotterdam surprised us with its unusual architecture, which was completely different from what we could see in Middelburg.


Day 4:
On Thursday we stayed in Middleburg and explored the city. We visited the Chocolate museum and had a boat tour on the Middelburg Canals. Then, the students went home to cook Polish and Dutch dishes for the PL/NL evening at school. After dinner it was time for singing and a laser gun game.
Day 5:
On Friday we took a bus to Brugge in Belgium, a city sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North because it’s a canal-based town. We had a chance to visit the Bruges Beer Experience museum and had lunch at the Pizza Hut with an unlimited pizza buffet. Eating 30 slices of pizza was not a problem for some. After the feast, we had free time to explore the historic city center, which is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO.
Day 6:
It was our last day in the Netherlands. We spent the morning with the host families but we finally had to say goodbye. We were not extremely sad though, because we knew we’d see each other again in September.


Dear friends, thank you for making our stay in the Netherlands so great. It was an experience we’ll never forget. We're looking forward to seeing you again in autumn!