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Finally we can host our Dutch friends in Poland. Our guest are staying with us from the 13th till 17th of September. The aim of our programme is to show our friends our history and culture, and of course to have fun!

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Day 1

The second part of our student exchange with CWS Van De Perre has begun. Today at 11:30 we all gathered at the Lawica airport in Poznan to welcome the Dutch students. Later on at 4 pm we all met at our school and we've gone through everything we're going to do for the next few days. After that we practiced Polonez and a dance the Dutch students showed us - Kabouterdans.

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Day 2

We gathered at Poznań Glówny and traveled to Wrocław by train. The first thing we saw in Wrocław was Hydropolis - water centre knowledge. With the help of our guide we explored the exhibition and learnt about the origins of water and the vibrant life in oceans. After Hydropolis, we had a stroll towards the Centennial Hall, a historical building constructed by Max Berg in 1911 - 1913 when the city was part of the German Empire. Close to the Centennial Hall, we had a walk in Japanese Gardens, also created in 1913 on the occasion of the Global Exhibition. We couldn’t miss visiting the Market Square and taking some pictures with the famous Wrocław dwarfs. Even though the weather wasn’t nice, we managed to see the most beautiful parts of the city - Cathedral Island, Slodowa Island etc.

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Day 3

We got up early and took the train to Warsaw. There, from the central station, we went to the viewing terrace at the Palace of Culture and Science. Then we took the metro to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The museum is a tribute to those who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital. The visit in the museum really shocked us, especially because we later saw reconstructed buildings of Warsaw - something that previously was totally destroyed.Then we went to the Old Town, where we saw the Sigismund's Column and the Royal Castle, and where we had free time to see the city and try its dishes. Then we visited the city and learned about its history with a guide. At the end we returned to the station and drove towards Poznań.

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Day 4

During day 4th we didn’t travel anywhere, but stayed in Poznań and sightsee in our beautiful city. We started our trip from Rondo Śródka and walked through the Cathedral Island, the Old Town, the 19th century Poznan buildings and the Royal-Imperial Route. We finished our walk with a visit to St Martin Croissant museum and an experience where we saw how to make our famous St Martin Croissants. In the evening, we gathered at school and performed the dances that we learnt during the first day in Poznań.