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Szkolna Akademia Myślenia inaugurates the season with the greatest possible problems - the universe. The pretext for the first lecture is this year's Nobel Prize in Physics. It was received by Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez - a cosmologist and two astronomers. The prize was awarded for research into black holes. To explain the meaning of this award, we invited Poznań astronomer prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Marciniak, who will give a lecture:

"Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 - black holes predicted and discovered".

Dr. Marciniak is an astronomer from Poznań, whose main scientific interest are small bodies of the Solar System, and their studies using both ground-based and space observatories. Her vast educational experience span also extragalactic astronomy with such exotic objects as supermassive black holes, blazars and quasars.

We invite you on November 9 at 13.10 to the lecture hall. Places reserved for pz-s from physics and geography. The others are asked to agree to participate with prof. Dorota Indrzejczak.