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On the day of the exchange we got up early in the morning and went to a lesson where we learned English or economics with a Dutch class. After the lesson, our buddies showed us around their school and then we all rode our bikes to the city center to ride a boat on the canal in Middelburg to sightsee. After the boat ride, we took a city train which conductor told us about the area. Then we spent some free time with our buddies and we ate something. Later we went on a trip to the Lange Jan tower (It has 207 stairs!), which we climbed. After that, we came to their school again to spend time in a lesson about communication. At the end of the day we spent our free time hanging out with friends and eating dinner together. It was a great day.
Julia Zaprzalska i Wiktoria Furmaniak


Yesterday we started our day at the beach were we had to face sport activities. Some of them were normal like football but we also had a competition in which team would dig the biggest hole. It was frezzeing cold. Then we went home and prepared some traditional dishes. At the end of the day we had an international dinner which included food from Poland, India and the Netherlands. We also presented our slides about Polish traditions, food, sports, music and tongue twisters. We could also enjoy traditional Indian dance show. To sum up, the day was really great.
Kind regards,
Maja Wrzeszcz


We started the fourth day of the exchange with a meeting at the train station in Middleburg. From there we hopped on our first train to the Hague and changed trains in Breda. After half an hour we finally arrived in the city. Our little trip started with a tasting in “Happy Tosti”, which is a restaurant which specializes in toasts. We tried about six different types of them, for instance toasts with tuna or pizza toasts. Then we walked about fifty minutes to the “Madurodam” which was a miniatures museum. The whole display, located outside, showed 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments. An interesting fact about the park is that the figures which you could see on the displays change their clothes with the weather - in the winter they wear jackets and in the summer t-shirts. Despite the models in the park you could also visit the building with rooms filled with the illusions of all kinds. Then we had some free time to see the city and eat some dinner. Our city trip ended in the same place where it started where we all said goodbye to each other and went in different directions to spend the last evening with our Dutch friends. Overall it was another amazing day in the Netherlands filled with a lot of new memories.
Weronika Laks