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On Thursday 16.12. students of the first years of high school had a virtual meeting with the Dutch students from CSW Walcheren school in Middleburg with whom EKOS has been in contact for years. Let’s go back in time…
Middelburg is a city in Zealand, in the west of the Netherlands. EKOS has been friends with the CSW Walcheren school for a long time. So far, four exchanges have taken place: in the school years 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. During these exchanges we could visit and host our friends and learn about some cultural differences. However, in 2020/2021, because of the pandemic, we decided to organise our exchange online, which was a great success. Not only could we stay in touch with our Dutch friends, but also learn about sustainable cities of the future, which was the topic of our online exchange.

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This year was no different. Equipped with the previous year's experience, we decided to once again organize an online exchange. This time, with deep faith that we will finally be able to meet. We hope to meet in May, by then we will be working online on a project on the coronavirus pandemic. We want to compare our experiences and observations and how our lives have changed due to the pandemic.
On Thursday, our first meeting was held, the aim of which was to integrate and present the schools. We also had the opportunity to have a short conversation in groups about our favorite food or Christmas traditions. We will start working on the project in the coming months.
For now, let’s hope we will meet again in May.